Toddlers will do anything for a biscuit.

Bit of a bold statement, but I know this to be true. Whether it’s just my crap parenting skills or its normality to bribe your children with things… It works.

I can repeat myself over and over but ofcourse it always goes unheard. Until I bring out the biscuit card… Then she’ll listen to anything and everything I say..

Anyway today has been a fabulous day, not much biscuit bribery going on, one of those days where you actually feel like a pinterest mum 😂

Ofcourse this has been regularly interrupted by a whining toddler. I decided to make a note of all the ridiculous reasons she’s had an emotional breakdown today;

  • She couldn’t get her pants on over her tights that were down.
  • Lola’s dress didn’t fit her.
  • The butter off her hot cross bun fell off.
  • Lola stole her toy (Lola is incapable of such things)
  • The hoover was too loud, she couldn’t hear her music.
  • She wanted a cuddle.. But not like that, like this (whatever that meant)
  • She couldn’t open her cereal bar..
  • She wanted her castle.. I Gave her the wrong one (she only has one)
  • She wanted music but not that music, the pig one..

All in all she’s cried about the dumbest stuff. Which I try my best not to laugh at, because for her… The struggle is real.

Trying to calm them down when they are having these ridiculous breakdowns is challenging, but I know exactly what would instantly fix these issues and convince them to calm down…. A biscuit 🍪





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