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It was just a normal bathtime until…

It’s Harveys first day off in almost a week, the most ridiculous things happen on these days.

After a lovely day with our friends it was time to wind down for bed.

The girls bath was ready to go and Ruby had a head start..

Lola was ready to get in, suddenly we were interrupted by a frantic scream! Obviously I instantly thought the worst and stood up to comfort Ruby.. When I came eye to eye with my worst nightmare… THE BIGGEST SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Now this is no over reaction, it was huge.. Were talking 3 times the size of a sausage, I have never seen anything like it.

So meanwhile in my head, I’m trying to figure out what the hell to do with these two naked crying children. Without thinking, I pull Ruby out of the bath over Lola, more poo lands on Lola’s belly…

So I abandon the traumatised toddler, to wipe this poo of the baby.. Next came the big job… REMOVING THE TURD FROM THE BATH. 

I was not ready for such responsibility.. So I called Harvey. What a mistake that was. Anyone who knows Harvey, knows that his gag reflex is stupid. He can’t even look at the potty without feeling sick.

So an argument breaks out over how the poo is to be removed. I’m adamant he has to pick it up with his hands.. He didn’t go for that idea…

We then decided that fishing it out with a jug was the cleanest way.

Meanwhile, Lola had weed all over herself on the floor. She was physically rolling in it. At this point I thought it couldn’t get any worse… Wanna bet?

Harvey manages to catch it. Then he’s sick… Literally sick in his mouth. Then Ruby starts gagging, whilst crying..

I literally could not stop laughing 😂

This is why I love being a parent, horrific but hilarious situations like this make it so worth it 😂







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