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Yes, my kids are crying.

Food shopping… Oh the joys. I’d get it delivered if it didn’t all end up bashed up, replaced with the complete opposite of what I asked for and almost out of date.

It started oh so well, I bribed the biggest small with the opportunity to have playdoh… And bribed the baby with boob.

We made it through the fruit and veg, the bread and the baby aisle without any fuss. In my head I’m thinking “you are amazing, you’ve got this Rosey, look at you, your kids are amazing, you’ve got your shit together”

The second we got to cleaning aisle and I was squealing over the washing powder deals (my fave bit). Ruby decides to have a mental breakdown, because Lola pulled her hair.. On purpose apparently (cause babies do that).

Next thing you know Lola is screaming.. I’d say almost as loud as a car alarm, so I pull her out the trolley. Ruby then tries to climb out because she ‘needs to walk’

So I’m pushing this trolley, whilst breastfeeding and attempting to get beans from the bottom shelf. You can imagine the difficulty.

In the end I gave up. Put the baby back in the trolley… Cue; crying. Not just one of them, both of them..

Thank god I did scan as you shop.

Operation get to checkout as quickly as possible was thrown upon us. Obviously I’m selected for a random trolley search. Now this only ever happens when I’m stressed I’m sure.

Then the machine spits my effing money back out, meanwhile I’ve got my own personal choir sat in the trolley.

Next comes the comment…

“Awwwww, they aren’t happy. They must hate shopping”

Well done hun.. Thanks for stating the obvious. I didn’t even notice…

I’m sure she was just being nice, but in that situation you either want the ground to swallow you or to cry with the children…

I entered tesco with my shit together and left a sweaty stressed mess.

Same time next week it is.šŸ‘Œ

Thanks tesco, always a pleasure



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