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Something has happened to my little angel baby. She has now decided that sleeping is a stupid idea and she’s gonna spend the night time awake or crying 😭

Anyway that’s not exactly what this post is about, I kinda put it in there so you’d feel sorry for me.

I can function on not a lot of sleep. But someone (probably Ruby) has given me another effing cold. What a joker. So not only have I only had about 3 hours broken sleep my nose is like a tap and I’ve sneezed more times than I can count.

Please tell me how you are meant to function like a normal human being in these circumstances.

Washing needs to be done, house needs to be cleaned and dinner needs to be cooked.. Most important of all the kids require my 100% attention.

I really just want to hide in bed all day and wallow in my own self pity, with a bottle of orange lucozade and some chocolate (not that I can taste it).DSC_4551

I look like I’ve been run over, I’ve sneezed so hard my teeth even hurt (how does that happen).

The kids best go easy on me today..




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