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The kids weren’t kind.

This is the face of pure exhaustion. I’m done. These tears are a result of Sneezing 15 times in 5 minutes.. That and the kids are on one.. Or it seems that way, because I feel so bloody shitty.DSC_4582

This morning was lovely, went to a new play area. Had two cups of hot tea with my friend whilst the baby slept and the toddler played (a huge thank you to my moby wrap, without you this wouldn’t have been possible). Then ofcourse, home time came. Cue; toddlers psychotic breakdown. Because obviously taking her out buying her lunch and sharing my cake was just not enough.

When we finally got home she had her other little friends round to play. They basically spent the whole afternoon fighting like cats.

I turned into dragon mum, because as hilarious as it is watching kids argue (because let’s be honest it’s usually over something ridiculous) it’s not right.

They’ve all had to go home for dinner now. Ruby is helping herself to the entire contents of the snack cupboard, I’m not even stopping her. I should be cooking dinner, but I’m definitely chucking a frozen pizza in the oven.

Today is a write off, the sooner we are all tucked up in bed the better. I’m a terrible mother today, but I literally cannot do anymore.

Ps; it’s so dumb that you can’t have lemsip whilst breastfeeding, seriously pissed off about this.





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