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Breast or bottle, who gives a shit?


It’s seriously a subject that gets on my tits (pun intended).

No matter how you feed your baby, someone has an opinion.

So many women beat themselves up and feel judged for bottle feeding. WHY?!

But on the other hand also alot of women stop breastfeeding because they worry what other people think of them. WHY?!

I actually heard someone describe breastfeeding as ‘weird’ and ‘not right’. What an absolutely narrow minded comment. Women that cringe and say “that’s not what boobs are for” drive me utterly insane.

How you feed your baby doesn’t effect your aunt Susan, nor the lady eyeballing you on the bus or even your Facebook friend whose breastfed all of her kids for 18 months.

Aunt Susan assures you that your baby is crying because their hungry… Your breast milk simply isn’t enough to satisfy your baby. Thank you for your input Susan… But I know my baby.

The lady on the bus happens to think your disgusting for breastfeeding in a public place. Turn around and look the other way my love.

And your Facebook friend? She thinks the fact you give formula is awful. She managed to breastfeed so why can’t you? Well that’s great for you hun. But formula is great for us!

FUCK OFF. Let people get on with what they want to do.

As women, we should be supporting each other, not bashing each other. However you choose to feed your baby is up to you, there is no wrong or right.

Yes, the benefits of breastfeeding are amazing. Ofcourse they are it’s totally natural and what nature intended blah blah. But if that means you have lost your sanity and feel unhappy, why continue? What use is a miserable mother?

We are all different and every baby is different, what works for you won’t ¬†necessarily work for her.

I’m saying all this in a very light hearted manner by the way. I breastfed Ruby for a short 6 weeks, I just didn’t enjoy it and my mental state wasn’t strong enough to persevere. So we bottle fed on demand. Did I regret it? NO. She was thriving and loved her bottle and was the happiest baby around.

Fast forward a few years and here I am with Lola, exclusively breastfeeding for what is now almost my 5th month. And we are both thriving. I plan on feeding till its not right for us anymore.


The difference between these two?; nothing. Absolutely nothing. They are both happy and healthy and fed.

So please think before you judge, you don’t know the struggles a mother has been through to get where she is today and most importantly, it doesn’t effect your life..

Do you ask everyone you meet how they were fed as an infant?!


Because it doesn’t matter.


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