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Parenting baby number one vs baby number two.

I’m not sure if I’m alone on this, but I believe there is such a thing called the second child slack..  Either that or I’m just a shite mother.. Lol jokes I’m awesome 😀.


The pressure on first time mum’s is ridiculous. So I’m certain the second time round the more relaxed approach is so much more beneficial for your sanity..


Here are some of the differences in my parenting that I have noticed over the last six months.


Baby Number One:

You unintentionally wish away the first year of their life, by saying such things as ‘I can’t wait till she can crawl, walk, talk, run, sing etc.

Baby Number Two:

You cry when they start to move around and become even a teeny bit more independent. Please don’t grow up tiny squishy.


Baby Number One:

Sleep, Oh yes, my baby will sleep and I will do everything in my power to make sure they do. I’ll purchase books, I’ll buy lotions that smell like camomile… I’ll buy bedtime formula and I’ll assume I’m doing everything wrong because the little fucker WILL NOT SLEEP.

Baby Number Two:

Babies don’t sleep.. Thats cool. You want cuddles all night? Sure thing! You wanna play at 4am? Why the fuck not! You want to sleep in my bed? Be my guest my little angel.


Baby Number One:

Weaning, let’s do this. You will never eat processed food my darling. Only organic homemade meals for you. You will enjoy spinach puree and avocado slices. I will never ever purchase jarred baby food.

Baby Number Two:

You can have fruit for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pouch of shop bought baby food for dinner, because I’m too fucking exhausted to stand there and puree up some stupid fucking concoction of flavours that you’re just gonna spit back out on me.


Baby Number One:

Routine.. My baby will have a bath every night at 6.30pm, bottle at 7pm and be asleep in her cot by 7.30pm.

Baby Number Two:

She might have a bath.. She might not. Depends if I can be arsed. Feeds around 7pm then usually falls asleep in her chair. Goes to bed (By bed I mean mine obviously) when I do. Sleeps like an angel 😇

Baby Activities 

Baby Number One:

We go to baby sensory, messy play and swimming at least once a week. Just to make me feel like I’m not failing as a mother.. And you know, all these activities might make her sleep longer at night.

Baby Number Two:

We might go swimming and see other babies. We might not though. But all the entertainment you need is watching and learning from your big sister. Nothing makes you happier.. Or more tired!

I could go on, but one things for sure. If Lola is my last baby, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Both my girls are perfection.. It’s just nicer to be more slack this time round.




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