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Mum of the century kinda shit.

Somedays I actually feel like I could take on the world. Like I’m unstoppable and could literally take on Katie Hopkins with one hand…


Today isn’t one of those days.

Not sure why, but recently I’ve been feeling proper glum and unmotivated. Perhaps it’s lack of sleep and no time to think straight.

Anyway that comes hand in hand with being a mother right?

I have literally outdone myself today… I’m talking mum of the century kinda shit.

It started on this mornings prep for the day. Instead of my usual 2 slices of toast, I couldn’t be arsed to wait for the toaster twice, so I just had half a slice of Rubys.

Next came sorting lunch for Ruby at Preschool.. Not to blow my own trumpet, but usually the contents of the kids lunchbox makes me squeal with chuffediness (I think I made that word up, fuck it)

So usually, I’ll grate some cheese. No no no, Not today my babe. Today you’re having jam sandwiches and no posh snacks… you can just have crisps and a cupcake. Which ain’t all bad, cause Elsa’s face is all over them.

I did the washing… But didn’t take it out the washing machine. I hoovered two rooms and then sat down.

And to top it off… For dinner…

Wait for it.


We had McDonald’s.. I even fed the baby the bun from my cheeseburger and gave Ruby my phone,  Just so I could stuff my face in silence.



Do I regret today?

Do I fuck

Yours truely,

Mum of the century

Ps: Tomorrow I’ll be back… I hope, otherwise we are all doomed. Atleast they are still happy little cherubs though 🙊





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