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At war with my inner pinterest mum..

2016-06-18 08.41.50 1.jpg

A mother of two…

Sounds pretty simple… you’ve got two eyes, two ears, two arm’s, two legs and most importantly two tits (a crucial body part these two)…

Then why the fuck is it so hard work at times. Jesus Christ… Us women were put on earth to carry, birth and nuture children, but someone throw me a bone.

I’m constantly comparing myself to every other mother in the universe. I’ve got a seriously bad case of mum envy going on with some of you on Facebook.

You truely have your SHIT TOGETHER! 

I’m so slack atm, probably due to the 5am wakeup calls and trying to stop the baby from knocking herself out on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.. Oh and Ruby asking me WHY to every fucking thing known to man kind.

My life seems to be a chaotic mess, with a pile of smelly socks on top. 

I’m drowning at the minute and I don’t know why.. Maybe it’s my poor organisational skills or maybe I’m just tired. But I just can’t do all the “Model Mother” things this week.

So here I am laying in bed, in the dark. Hiding under my duvet so the baby can’t see the light on my phone… Giving myself a mental pep talk, also known as a mental battle my inner pinterest mother (she is my biggest critic, also known as mum of the year).

So here is how it’s currently going right now;

Well Rosey, perhaps if you got abit more organised and stopped parking your arse on the sofa with a cuppa, this house would be immaculate”

… Well.. that’s a lie, because I have one 8 month old crumb maker/food launcher and a 3 year old mess maker. I could clean for the rest of my life and still, there would be mess. leave me the fuck alone to drink my tea, after all its all I’ve got 😂

“Maybe if you went to bed earlier, you’d feel more motivated”

.. I could sleep for a fucking year and still want to go back to bed. Going to bed early simply does not work when you are awoken several times a night.

“Maybe you should give your children more stimulation so they sleep better”

…. I take them out every day. They have shares in toys r us and Paw Patrol is enough to send me the fuck to sleep.


I’ll be honest, social media is probably to blame for my self hate. I wish I could be super mum, but I’m not.. So that’s that 😂

We are all amazing in our own way right? This motherhood shite is so testing on ones mental state.

But I know.. In my own quirky way, I’m awesome.. Dirty socks inall

Ps: The baby woke up…. Ofcourse she did.






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