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Mothers make my world go round.

The beauty about motherhood is that as a mother,  we can all connect in some kinda strange way.

Whether that be through social media asking for support and advice,  or heck you may have never even met each other,  but you can still crack up a conversation in a shop about how much of an arsehole your kid is being… And that is perfectly acceptable.

It’s the most comforting thing being able to relate to another human. Especially when that person is walking on the same path as you at that very moment. Or may even be steps ahead of you and supplies you with words of wisdom.

As a mother,  these things make day to day life so much more bearable.

An even more comforting thing is deeply connecting and choosing your mum squad. And my squad are by far the best.

Every day,  good or bad they support me, they understand me and they lift me up completely. They are my key to survival.. Like I’m not even ashamed to say. Without them I would crumble.

These are the women that are there for me any hour of the day (usually cause they are awake at 3am too)… Or 5am because who doesn’t love getting up at that time.

We spend our hours together talking about our children’s bowel movements, the detrimental affect of childbirth on our bodies and how much of an easy life our husbands lead. These kinda conversations are what I live for these days. To know that I’m not alone is the most uplifting thing.

Jokes aside, they keep me going.

They are all the same,  but they are all completely different. And every single one of them inspires me in some way.

Motherhood is an isolating journey at times, but you definitely don’t need to face it alone. Find your favourite mummas and love them hard,  they make shit so much easier 💗


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