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My little Lola Rae

So today,  we had our long awaited appointment with a dietitian.  That probably sounds like no big deal.  But to me it’s so very important.

It’s been a tough year for us,  initially Lola was a dream baby. She slept,  she was settled and most importantly she went to toilet like a normal baby.

Fast forward to 6 months and weaning her onto different solid foods,  over time I noticed some slight changes in her. I say time because nothing was obvious at first.   The baby who frequently pooped,  slept and was always content,  became  tense, unsettled and constipated.

I’ve tried everything,  different foods that induce bowel movement.  Laxatives,  stool softeners and suppositories. Alas nothing helped.

I then removed dairy from both Lola’s diet and my own.  I replaced dairy with soya and didn’t see much improvement.

I visited a cranial osteopath in hope she could ease her tension (which she did).  But it didn’t solve her bowel problems.

Then I decided to go to get her weighed (bad mum here always forget)  because I was sick of everyone telling me how small she is. I went there to find out that she only gained 10oz in 12 weeks.  Which given the amount I breastfeed her,  was soul destroying to hear.

I’ve literally tried everything.. At least I thought.

The appointment today has been almost a relief,  mainly because I was starting to wonder if it was all in my head?

The way Lola is and the fact she can go two weeks without going for a poo is normality for me now.  But it was nice to hear someone have a plan to help us and not look at me like I was crazy!

Hoping from today’s appointment we can see massive changes in her and hopefully she’ll start gaining weight soon.  But for now, I’m just going to enjoy my little 17lb dinks 💗



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