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My pocket sized diva, you best become an entrepreneur and put me in the best care home.

Things with Lola just seem so relentless at the moment.  What with her weird sleep cycle,  her inability to poop and gain weight, eliminating food from our diet and the fact I’m the only person she wants most of the time.

Going through the trauma of her being seriously unwell was enough, then finding out last night that she’s lost weight,  was the cherry on top of cake. I think I’m definitely overdue a cry..

Ofcourse,  I wouldn’t change her,  she’s an incredibly switched on, intelligent and beautiful child.  But my god, is she an unbelievably head strong child. Parenting her is can be difficult. I try to see the funny side of it 99.9%,   but damn at times I could rip my hair out.

She is so strong and is well aware of what what she wants.  People look at me like I’m actually insane, but I cannot make her do anything she doesn’t want to do.  Alot of babies are quite placid and happy to do whatever… Lola is the polar opposite.

When she was 3 days old,  she had her post birth check. The midwife we had commented on how incredible the muscle tone in her legs were.  And as the time has gone on,  her strength in general has amazed me.

She had made clear at a very early age that bottles and dummies weren’t for her… Little did I know that was just the start of it.

The older she’s got,  the more intelligent I’ve realised she is. You’re probably reading this like ‘dude she’s just a baby’. But if you’ve met her, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

I’ve never met a child like Lola, perhaps my breast milk has given her super powers 🤔

Every health care professional she’s come by, last night for instance…. Are amazed by how strong she is.  Given she only weighs a teeny 17lb at 1 year old.  It took two of us to pin her down and a doctor fighting her,  just to check her bloody temperature. She faught so much,  she kicked the doctor in the face (absolutely mortified I was).  This is stereotypical Lola.

I don’t know where she’s got her strength from,  but I feel she’s destined for great things… I’ll get my own back one day that’s for sure.  But until then,  I shall look forward to what toddler hood has in store for us.. I think I’m gonna need more coffee ☕



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