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FLASHBACK: God… That was embarrassing.

I’ve encountered some terribly awkward situations as a pregnant woman/mother. But the thing that haunts me the most, to this very day is my trip to asda at 5 days post partum.. For you guessed it… Anusol.

At that moment in time,  I had no shame.  I’d just given birth to my first baby, I was no longer a ‘prude’… around 15 different people had witnessed the mess that was my lady garden.

Purchasing hemorrhoid cream was the least of my worries..  Or so I thought.

I needed relief desperately.  I had my anusol in hand and off I waddled to the checkout (that ‘oh god yeah she’s just had a baby, kinda walk). Slammed it down on the checkout with my frozen pizza and nappies… The look the young male cashier gave me, to this very day. . Almost 4 years later, actually  makes me want to swallow my own head…

That was embarrassing.

Bet he’ll always remember that… Probably scarred the poor lad for life.

Next time perhaps,  I ought to go to tesco and use scan as you shop…. Lesson learnt eh.


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