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Pressure and survival.

I’m starting to wonder where the insane pressure on parents comes from. Upon reflection,  I’ve realised it only comes from our own exhausted brains.

The way you parent,  the choices you make only effect yourselves and your children. So why does it all feel so bloody intense. Some days I feel like I’m drowning, because I can’t handle the pressure…

I myself,  have always been one for comparison. I look at my friends and their children and sometimes feel as though I’ve made all the wrong choices and I’ve done a bad job (usually when I’m having a bad day).  But in reality that isn’t the case.  It’s just my inner perception and pressure that I’ve unnecessarily put on myself.

We are all guilty of it.

‘My baby doesn’t sleep… I must be doing something wrong’ or ‘My child never seems happy. . . I should be doing something different’

These are the basic examples of internal pressure.

You are raising human beings. You want to erase the mistakes your parents have made and of course,  you want your children to be happy. But guess what. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what choices you make,  they may never be the right ones.  Parenthood is about survival and sometimes you just have to survive. Whether that be the right choice or not,  at that time…  you survive.

I hope our kids look back one day and realise that we did our best for them. The choices we made,  were always made to benefit them. So even if it feels otherwise…. everything we did, was always made from love.

But we had to survive parenthood…



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