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Hot sick and a sugar rush.

So Lola is poorly again… I can’t work out what is wrong with her exactly. But what  I do know is,  that  I was rudely awoken at 1.40am with vomit all over my body… I’d say it was warm… But if I’m honest I’d say it was more like a cup of semi hot tea being chucked at me.. This happened a fair few times… I won’t talk about the bits that I found on my chest.  Actual BITS on my chest. BITSSSSSSSS.

So today has been hell. I’m semi sleepy, semi worried and semi like thinking give me a fucking break why is life being a dick head.

I’m sat on the sofa giving Lola all the attention under the sun,  feeling unbelievably guilty that Ruby has been stuck in with her tablet and whining that;

‘We never go anywhere’

‘I’m so bored mummy’

‘I’ve got nothing to play with’ ‘it’s not fair’

(not like it was Christmas last month sweetheart).

Even though I know we are always going places and she’s got plenty to keep her occupied.   My inner ‘mum of the year’  was shouting at me… Telling me I’m cruel and she lives a horrible life..

So I ask her,  what she wants to do.


Yes Ruby,  fuck it.. Let’s make some cakes.

So cakes we make..


‘Mum of the year’ steps in saying

‘What’s the harm hun?’.

One bowl lick,  one teaspoon of icing  and 1 cupcake later.

Satan is born.  You know… When the sugar warps your child’s brain,  and they somehow become the polar opposite to their once adorable selves.

Cue toddler meltdown because I said no more. Feet stamping,  shouting and running around like she’s on crack.

All the while Lola is crying and moaning because mummy needs to put her down and take a piss.

Apart from that though… It’s been a good day.. 😂.

I’ve eaten 3 of these bad boys… 🤗


Anyway enough moaning… Must dash, the alarm for Lola’s next calpol dose just went off..

Let the battle commence.




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