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Her name was Lola… She was a Soldier.


When I pictured having a second baby. I never pictured having one like Lola…

God that sounds bloody awful.

I don’t mean that I’d change her, God no..

She literally is the most loving little darling that I’ve ever met!

I just wish she was perhaps a little more healthy…

Problems with her seem pretty relentless…  Small,  but they definitely have a domino effect on the whole family.





As many of you know she’s suffered with irregular bowel movements for around 10 months.

Constipation has caused her to bleed, she’s become anaemic,  her weight gain is slow to say the least.. She’s dropped from the 50th to the 9th centile.  She weighs around 18lb now I imagine.

We have no idea whats caused any of it. Or what on earth the problem actually is. We’ve speculated, doctors have told us it’s normal on various occasions, others have been unsure as to what is going on, we’ve seen dieticians, health visitors.. You name it…

We’ve changed both mine and Lola’s diet,  administered various laxatives and tried to feed her as much fibre as possible and nothing makes a difference..

It would be easy for me to sit here and blame myself for all of this.  And trust me,  I have plenty of times. But deep down I know none of this is because of me.  Of course I’ve had my moments,  moments of anger, frustration and a heck of alot of tears. Mainly because I know my baby and I know something just isn’t right.

However,  I do my very best to insure all her needs are met.

And even though,  most of the time she is very unhappy. I’m certain I’m doing right thing by her.. I’ll remain as attentive as possible till all this can be resolved.

I hope all the hard work and stress is worth it and we have an answer to her discomfort soon. But until then,  cuddles and boob it is…

… Oh and maybe better luck!

Cause only Lola would get scarlet fever 😶🙄




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