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Do re mi fa so….. f#cking exhausted.

Let’s start at the very beginning,  the very best place to start. 

When you read you begin with

‘A, be, see’

When you birth you begin with.

‘Woah fuck me’

Sorry,  I just mentally broke out into song… Where was I going with this…

Ah yes.


The kind of exhaustion that you get when you have children… Whether that be pregnancy,  a new born or a threenager. It hits you like a double decker bus.

Like oh my god,  some days I question whether I’m anaemic,  coming down with something or on deaths door.

I spend most of my days yawning,  when someone asks me how I am.. My response is usually ‘Tired’.

And If I’m not sodding yawning,  I’m contemplating a nap and by 7pm I could easily sleep for 24 hours.

So what exactly is it about children, that makes you so tired? I ponder this question regularly and then it hit me…

Answer : Everything.

Solution : Caffeine.

Caffeine… Such as; Tea,  a drink with jam and bread and a sore head. 

That will lead us back to, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So F#cking Exhausted. 


Good night 🌃


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