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A letter to you and a letter to me, I wish you could see what I can see.

I face guilt on a daily basis.  Guilt that I do not do enough to stimulate my children.  That perhaps I’ve made the wrong choices for them. Maybe they would be happier,  if I did things differently.. If I were more organised and more enthusiastic about motherhood.

I’m sure these thoughts go through every mother’s mind.  But sometimes the guilty thoughts become so intense, I’m totally overwhelmed by them.

I’m writing this blog,  to tell myself exactly what I’d tell my best friends if they felt like this. And if you are feeling guilty.. Or low,  this is for you too.

The choices you make for your children,  are the best ones you are able to make at that given moment.  Okay… So you’ve fucked up here and there. But those children have everything they could ever want and need. They are loved, clothed and fed.

And so what if you don’t match the unrealistic expectations of a mother. You listen to your children,  you meet their every need.. And even though you are greeted with nothing but tears,  just know this is not a reflection on you. Children can be horrible, it’s part of growing up and you are the number one target… Because you are their everything. 

Just remember, you’ve sacrificed so much for those children.  You’ve given up your body, to house them,  nurture them and grow them. You’ve given up your sanity and spare time, to make sure that they are happy at all times. You put yourself last,  because they come before anyone else. You’ve put your absolute everything into those babies. Would a bad mother do those things?

So please darling,  stop feeling so guilty, please don’t feel like you aren’t good enough.  You are good enough. 

Life can be unkind at times and yes okay you’ve been dealt a lousy hand right now. But you are only dealt what you can handle. This isn’t forever. You’ve got this,  you are doing this.  You must continue to make the right choices at this given moment,  do not focus on what could be. But what is.  

So please, please carry on doing what you’re doing, because from where I’m standing you are doing such a good job.  You are never alone,  I’m right behind you. You are a fabulous….

And from what I can see.. Only the most fabulous mothers feel guilty ❤️





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