Anxiety · Mental Health · Postnatal

Post natal illness.

If we rewind about 3 years, I was a sufferer of Pre/Post Natal Anxiety. At 37 weeks pregnant, I obsessed about loosing my baby, that point should have been the time I asked for help. I told myself it was normal, which yes it was normal to worry… But not normal to obsess.

I then had my baby, but instead of enjoying it, I was scared. Scared that I wouldn’t love her, scared that I wouldn’t ever be good enough and scared that I would unknowingly hurt her.

I had these feelings but I kept them shut tight in my mind and tried not to let them show. From the outside looking in, you wouldn’t think there was an issue. My baby was always well dressed and well looked after and most importantly always loved.

But inside was another story, I couldn’t sleep, incase something bad happened or I did something…

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