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It’s okay to not love every second of this crazy roller coaster we call life!

I love being a mum.

I love my girls.

I love my life.

I love listening to them laugh and play, I love the way they cuddle me and how just by looking into their eyes,  I know I’m their world.

I love watching them eat and the way they make cute little noises when they are enjoying their food, I love the way when they see me they laugh,  cry or get stupidly excited… Just because I walked into the room.

I love bathing them and splashing with them.. I love baking, singing and drawing with them and teaching them new things… Like where Justin Bieber came from..

I love everything about them.

However, there are also things that I hands up hate… About being a mother.

I hate waking up during the night… I hate dragging myself out of bed at 5 am.

I hate how tired I am all the time.

How the bags around my eyes and the wrinkles on my forehead grow daily.. Due to sleep deprivation.

How I can’t have a conversation without someone shouting ‘mum’..

I hate having to share everything with them, mainly biscuits and cake.

I hate how I have to put myself on the shelf because they come first.. I hate how angry I can become over the smallest little thing

I hate getting stressed because there a toast crumbs all over my living room and the fact they leave apples in obscure places,  around the house…


I hate the expectation of myself in my head, I hate that I don’t give myself the credit I deserve.

And the worst thing…

I hate that my mind is no longer fully stimulated… Lack of stimulation for me leads to negativity and anxiety. As of late I’ve realised, it’s not just me. Some times I think I’m the only one going crazy. But I’m not.

The famous saying

“A mothers job is never done”

Is by far the realest thing I’ve ever read!

Are you supposed to love being a mum 100% of the time? NO

Is that acceptable? YES

Is it wrong that you want some time to yourself to figure out your own mind? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

So if like me, you beat yourself up. Slip into a negative mindset and lose sight of what is important.

Give ya head a wobble!

Cause lets me honest… I’m sure none of us really know what on earth we are doing.



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