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I’m the anti wrinkled, pore refined… 24 year old.

I found myself in a strange situation earlier…  I decided to go to asda to purchase Ruby’s food for her birthday party. However, I became absolutely outraged by the prices compared to lidl… so had a sudden change of heart.

So anyway, I fancied a mooch… Then somehow I ended up down the ‘skincare’ aisle..

I walked down the aisle with nothing but good intentions, ‘just’ browsing I told myself. I then caught my reflection in my cracked phone screen… And all of a sudden I found myself stood staring at the anti wrinkle creams…

I must admit, it’s a sore subject. I never thought at the tender age of ‘almost’  25, I’d be stood in a supermarket deciding which face cream would prevent any more aging to my face.

I’ve got me a fair few wrinkles… Perhaps its those wilds nights out I had when I was 18.. Maybe I don’t drink enough water… Or eat healthy enough…  Or maybe.. Just maybe.

It’s the fact I’ve not had a good night’s kip since 2012 is also a key factor….


My point here is at..  24 years 10 months old… How exactly am I stood here with anti aging cream in one hand and hair dye to cover my greys in the other?

Children… Children is why!



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