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My purpose.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what my purpose is… The monotony of being a stay at home mum can really make you question what the hell you’re doing with you’re life. Especially when you are sat with a coffee in your hand, listening to the 30th tantrum of the day.

Anyway, before I get all depressing. I sat there today feeling exactly that. So I gave myself a bit of a talking too.

And the meaning of what a mother is, is really starting to make sense to me now.

Each day, week, month, year that goes by,  I learn something new about myself and my capabilities as both a mother and a human in general.

Social media and the media in general, sets the bar pretty high for us mum’s. To a certain degree we all focus on these expectations. But set that Bullshit aside and it all starts to makes sense.

A mothers purpose.. Well, certainly my purpose anyway is totally about my babies.

Ofcourse we all want sparkling houses, freshly cooked dinners, beautiful bodies, immaculate complextions and to be seen as some kind of role model mother (and by role model, I mean to other mothers.. Cause in a sense, it gives you recognition).

Now…. I’m not afraid to admit here, that I’d love to be that kind of mother. Both mentally and physically… But I’m not and probably never will be.

But that’s fine, because what I do have is so much better.

Yes my house is messy,  I eat a bit too much junk, my body is wobbly and tired and well…  my face is getting a little older too.

But all these materialistic things suddenly mean nothing.

All I care about is my babies and what their happiness brings to my life. All of my positive energy, light and love is transferring onto them…

The monotony, must turn into Positivity. After all, caring for and nurturing a child is a pretty important job.

I am a role model.
I have a purpose.

Them ❤️



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