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School gate anxiety.

So here it goes…

School gate anxiety I like to call it.

Anyone whom personally knows me, will know I’m a bloody ball of anxiety… But this is something I’ve feared the most since leaving school myself.

I never fit in as a kid.. Not really. Like I was sociable enough to have a handful of friends (thanks guys), but never enough to be classed as popular or ever worthy of positive attention.

I was that kid… You know the type…

Long Hair

I ticked all the damn boxes!

Not to mention the fact that when I got stressed out… I’d have a nose bleed 🙄


I stuck out like a bloody sore thumb.. And with the nickname “Rosey Rats-tails”…. I soon realised I didn’t ‘fit in’ like the other girls did. Kids are so kind right?!

Shame really, because looking back I would have so been friends with me! I may not have been cool, but God someone give the girl a cuddle.

Anyway this isn’t supposed to be a woe is me post, everyone has encountered some amount of bullying in their time.

But let me just elaborate..

So I’m not blaming her. Nope. No. Absolutely no blame…




….. Maybe a small, tiny bit of blame

My mum… Oh my lovely mum…. Jesus she made me such an easy target. And knowing what I know now I realise that she never ever meant to make me that target. She did it all out of love, bless her little soul… Oh and abit of her own anxiety perhaps?

‘Cos well,  you know…. when your mum runs you to school in Year 9, you damn well know people are gonna laugh…

Ever since I started reception. At the school gates, my mum stuck out like a bloody sore thumb.. But being 40 years old when I started school… She was a bit out of touch with what was ‘cool’.

We were always late to school…
She always had (still has) a million bags…

And all these experiences heavily lead up to my…

“School Gate Anxiety”

So fast forward to now… Ruby is starting school in September.

Not only am I fearful to be seen in the way my poor mum was! But my god am I terrified about the way Ruby will be treated at school…

Guess I’ve just gotta keep it “Cool”.

Saying that just made me seem totally uncool… Ahhh not off to the best start hey 😂.

Always keeping it cool me… So cool 😎

Your’s truly…




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