Beauty · Friendship · Life Perspective · Unity

‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace’

Usually, I keep my opinion on world issues close by. But I feel as a human being with a voice, I must express my feelings upon the recent events that have occurred.

Terrorism isn’t about religion, it’s about a totally warped and satanic state of mind. As a human being, I feel in my soul no ‘normal’ person would do such dreadful things to one another.

I have read alot of opinions and heard people expressing their emotions in different ways, some I agree with.. Some however I do not.

I do not condone violence and murder to be met with just that.

My opinion and view,  soley lies with the future; Our Children.

I’ve heard parents say that if they knew what this world was to become. They would not have brought their children into it.

Now don’t get me wrong…. If anything ever happened to my babies, I can’t even put into words what I’d do. I want to wrap them up, hold them tight and never ever let them go. Any mother or father wishes to protect their children against evil. It’s an in built instinct.

But can you imagine a world with no beauty? If we stopped having children to protect them, the evil in the world would take over. Hate, death and misery would expand. All the beauty, unity and love would fade away.

It’s our jobs as beautiful, warm and kind human beings to nurture and create the beauty in the world. And that begins with children.

We need to fight hate with nothing but love and compassion.

Teach your children the difference between right and wrong. Teach them to not be afraid and most importantly teach them to love one another.

We are all in this together, forever.




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