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1460 days later..

I’m feeling rather reflective today, this birthday has hit me in the feels alot harder than the previous ones. I think it’s because this year marks the start of her new life, sending her off to school didn’t seem possible. But here we are, counting down the months! This time four years ago, I was… Continue reading 1460 days later..

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The 10 things I highly dislike about being a mum.

1. You are tired.. Like all the damn time.  Because bloody hell who even needs to sleep? Seeing your husband laying there with all body parts to himself,  snoring his sweet head off. Meanwhile your laid bare in about a cm of space. And shit… even if you do sleep,  the weeks/months of previous sleep… Continue reading The 10 things I highly dislike about being a mum.

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Breast or bottle, who gives a shit?

Honestly, WHO GIVES A SHIT? It’s seriously a subject that gets on my tits (pun intended). No matter how you feed your baby, someone has an opinion. So many women beat themselves up and feel judged for bottle feeding. WHY?! But on the other hand also alot of women stop breastfeeding because they worry what… Continue reading Breast or bottle, who gives a shit?