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How to free your boobs… 22 months later.

‘How to stop breastfeeding a boob obsessed toddler’… I found myself googling that line, amongst many others,  on the daily. Other examples included; ‘Why is my kid so obsessed with me?’ ‘Why do my boobs look like raisins?’ ‘Can you die from exhaustion whilst breastfeeding?’ Basically, I was lost and alone searching for answers, experiences… Continue reading How to free your boobs… 22 months later.

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1460 days later..

I’m feeling rather reflective today, this birthday has hit me in the feels alot harder than the previous ones. I think it’s because this year marks the start of her new life, sending her off to school didn’t seem possible. But here we are, counting down the months! This time four years ago, I was… Continue reading 1460 days later..

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Her name was Lola… She was a Soldier.

When I pictured having a second baby. I never pictured having one like Lola… God that sounds bloody awful. I don’t mean that I’d change her, God no.. She literally is the most loving little darling that I’ve ever met! I just wish she was perhaps a little more healthy… Problems with her seem pretty… Continue reading Her name was Lola… She was a Soldier.

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My pocket sized diva, you best become an entrepreneur and put me in the best care home.

Things with Lola just seem so relentless at the moment.  What with her weird sleep cycle,  her inability to poop and gain weight, eliminating food from our diet and the fact I’m the only person she wants most of the time. Going through the trauma of her being seriously unwell was enough, then finding out… Continue reading My pocket sized diva, you best become an entrepreneur and put me in the best care home.

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The dreaded health visitor you say? Well…

You feel so exhausted, because you are an amazing mother.

What a statement.

Life has been getting the better of me recently..

Why? You ask?

Sleep deprivation is the answer.

I’m on the go all day long and I’m awoken every hour or so in the night, for feeding/playing/partying/whatever the fuck she wants! Then the day starts at 5am almost every day. So after almost 9 months of the same old shit, I feel like I’m giving more than I’ve got.


For a long time now, I’ve felt like our breastfeeding journey is approaching the finish line.

However, Lola isn’t happy with this idea as she point blank refuses to take a bottle. Which is so frustrating for me.

I have felt so trapped, alone, emotional and selfish for my decision.

In that situation, when no one can give you an answer. What do you do?

Well.. In desperation we turned to the health visitor. Unsure of what she could do or if it was a waste of time.

The outcome?

Well, this lady was exactly what I needed today, she made me realise how much I do for my children and how no matter what.. I always put them first.

Hearing the words attentive and amazing, in description of myself as a mother was enough to make me cry. Especially when I feel as vulnerable as I do right now.

So after a deep hour long conversation, she found the answer.

I don’t want to stop breastfeeding… I just need some sleep.

I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Sometimes it takes an outsiders perspective, to make you realise how amazing you truly are.

Please don’t fear your health visitor, they really are there to support you and help you achieve a positive and happy life..

Cause let’s be honest, children are difficult at the best of time. A helping hand should never be turned away. Acceptance is the sign of strength, not weakness!